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 Value for Money  3.0
 Rooms  3.0
 Cleanliness  3.3
 Location  3.0
 Security & Safety  2.8
 Service & Staff  3.0
 Food / Dining  2.8
 Total  3.7


User Rating:  1.0
Reviewer:   Three Travelers U. of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Reviewed:   July 30, 2010  (see hotel reviews from Hosteltraveler.com)
Traveled:   July 2010     Type:   Youth/Student
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
This is our story what we experienced at Kyoto Globetrotters Hostel.

1. When we first arrived in Kyoto after 3 hours in de JR train from Yokohama we had to take the bus ( that took a hour) and then walk for like 10 minutes.

We asked a couple of people because the directions were not good and they send us to an side street and there we walked for a couple of minutes.

2.When we arrived at the hostel the first thing that caught our eyes was a backseat of a car at the entrance, then we went inside and went to check in. First the owner Oliver seemed like a very friendly and polite person. We paid each 12.600 YEN ( 126 euro ) for 4 nights, private rooms.

3. Our first problem the rooms werent ready for us to go in and when we finally got the green light to go to our room, but, there was no elevator and we had to carry our bags up to our room, the stairs looked like they could break every moment. We paid for private rooms and got a dormitory room. After that we saw that the door was a screen door without a lock. Then the doubts started to kick in.

4. The airconditioning wasnt on and he told us that he would get a remote control and some batteries. The beds looked like it was hand made by himself and looked like they were going to collapse any moment. When we tried the beds the matrass were so thin that you could feel the floor or a wooden plank. He came back with the remote control but it seemed that the AC didnt work.

5. He told us that we could the room next to us. When we went into that room and saw the beds they were definitely not going to hold 3 persons. It was also a hand made 3 level pile of bed out of wood. It wasnt comfortable and the sheets and pillows had a really BAD smell. This room also didnt have a lock on the door. So we couldnt leave our luggage safely behind.

6. The bathrooms and toilets were very nasty and dirty. So after all this we decided to look for another sleeping place. We walked for like a half an hour to find the nearest subway station to Kyoto st. We found a cheap hotel next to Kyoto JR station.
After this we decided to take the bus back to the hostel and we found out that the bus didnt ride after 6 o'clock. So we had to take the subway and walk for another half an hour.

7. We arived back at the hostel and then we went to Oliver and explained our situation that we couldnt sleep there at the hostel because of everything.
The FIRST thing he said:" Is that my problem?". Suddendly the very friendly and polite Oliver we met at first became a very rude person.
We asked if a cancelation was possible and we didnt even mentioned a word about money or refund. He started to raise his voice and told us that cancelation is not possible and you cannot get your money back.

He said if you want to go, you can go and you cannot get your money back, but if you want to stay, you can stay because you paid.
He didnt even let us finish our sentences or let us explain our problems.

8. It was all about the money for him.
After the conversation we immediately left the hostel and we didnt even spent 1 night here. It was a waste of our money and time.

We would NOT RECOMMEND this hostel by any means to other travellers.
Just look for a cheap hotel near the Kyoto JR station for 1000 yen more or so.
In the end this is what we did and we had a very pleasant stay in Kyoto!

"Do NOT stay here - not trustworthy"

User Rating:  1.7
Reviewer:   Paul R. of Brooklyn, NY, United States
Reviewed:   March 18, 2009  (see hotel reviews from Hosteltraveler.com)
Traveled:   March 2009     Type:   Couple
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
This is a horrible place. They couldn't check us in on time and promised to place our bags in our room. Eight hours later they were still sitting in the public lobby with no protection.

My private room didn't even lock. It didn't even have a normal door it had a screen door. One wall wasn't even a wall it was a screen with rice paper on top. I could hear every word from the surrounding rooms and even when the neighbors moved around at night. Light filtered in from the other rooms too.

The bathrooms were gross and unsanitary. Plus it was just two toilets for the whole house. Plus our room was not attached to the main house and we had to walk through a yard and garage to use the bathroom.

The owner was mean to us. We complained about the room because of the above and woke up to find out we had to leave. Please note that I was not rude, did not even raise my voice, just had asked to be transferred to a more private room in the main house. He said "If you are unhappy here then go." I reminded him we were happy to stay but had merely requested a new room. That did not fly and he made it clear that we were being kicked out within the half hour.

In conclusion, DO NOT STAY HERE. I have no idea how this place is still open considering the way the owner keeps it and treats his customers.

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